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  • Vinegar Doppio
    Vinegar DoppioMinutt siden


  • Ninja Zai
    Ninja ZaiTime siden

    We have overcome 600k likes

  • Verlang Gamiette
    Verlang Gamiette21 time siden

    at 1:37 they have thé same pose

  • HalfViper 6
    HalfViper 6Dag siden

    We Africans are a special bunch

  • NBA2K Swiss
    NBA2K Swiss2 dager siden

    Funny thing is Ksi 10M Special was a way better movie

  • MIDD60 Official
    MIDD60 Official3 dager siden

    Man as an African I'm embarrassed but at least south African movies ain't like that.

  • Tommaso Cavadin
    Tommaso Cavadin3 dager siden

    JJ, 600k I well passed, you told us you would do the scene.

  • Om Dhotre
    Om Dhotre3 dager siden

    oh man, JJ and Simon havent seen south indian action yet...........

  • Tosin Oparinde
    Tosin Oparinde3 dager siden

    Reacting Africa Video That so funny 😂😆 That make me laugh 🤣😅

  • Lyric Dunbar
    Lyric Dunbar3 dager siden

    Now would be a good time to buy those tickets wouldn't want to miss it for the world

  • jijo
    jijo4 dager siden

    This ugandans will kill us

  • Erich Schneider
    Erich Schneider5 dager siden

    Why this guy humiliating his own race he thinks he is White wow Imagine making jokes about your race.

  • Erich Schneider

    Erich Schneider

    Dag siden

    @K9Fang AMVs and also he is reviewing with white guy It disturbing me

  • Erich Schneider

    Erich Schneider

    Dag siden

    Idk its just stupid video for me I didn't like the idea behind this

  • K9Fang AMVs

    K9Fang AMVs

    4 dager siden

    Huh? How is he humiliating us? I'm from South Africa and I find this hilarious

  • Washy. ke
    Washy. ke5 dager siden

    Ayo John from Tennessee you got good taste

  • علي الهاشمي
    علي الهاشمي5 dager siden

    Im Arabic sooo Im 20% n i g g a

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
    Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria6 dager siden

    5:34 that got me

  • Emem mbong
    Emem mbong6 dager siden

    he must see this and recreate it

  • Emem mbong
    Emem mbong6 dager siden

    everyone take this to reddit spam it up

  • Wayne Joseni
    Wayne Joseni6 dager siden


  • Red Shark
    Red Shark6 dager siden

    0:35 did he say the n word???

  • Amogh Kudva
    Amogh Kudva6 dager siden

    Man Simon is so white here

  • Foxipep1
    Foxipep16 dager siden


  • KrYz Finese
    KrYz Finese6 dager siden

    Still waiting for the redo jj

  • Muhammad Mahdin
    Muhammad Mahdin7 dager siden

    Guys we gotta remind JJ to do this scene. Where is everyone 😂

  • dumb entertainment bitc
    dumb entertainment bitc7 dager siden

    696 hundert thousand likes and 9 thousand views noice

  • CJD Beatz
    CJD Beatz7 dager siden

    JJ its 600 k

  • DepressedDemonKing
    DepressedDemonKing7 dager siden

    696k likes nicee

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez7 dager siden

    Love JJ laughing makes me laugh too

  • Dust Papyrus
    Dust Papyrus8 dager siden

    African film is need become best Oscar Film

  • Arian A
    Arian A9 dager siden

    Wtf was this video😂

  • Ebuka Nwannunu
    Ebuka Nwannunu9 dager siden

    For the record. None of the videos here is Nollywood.

  • Palefi Bintang
    Palefi Bintang9 dager siden

    Waiting the next part of this video in 2020 is just the same waiting for josh uploaded illuminate

  • ravensquad6
    ravensquad610 dager siden

    I'm african

  • Priyang Dabhi
    Priyang Dabhi10 dager siden

    wait until he watches Indian movies :)

  • Loomst
    Loomst10 dager siden

    Japan: *bombs Pearl Harbor* America: 1:34

  • Rawaiz Umar
    Rawaiz Umar11 dager siden

    African videos are literally memes

  • The Man
    The Man11 dager siden

    Man, man is killing us, man.

  • haveatyou
    haveatyou11 dager siden

    Video is too long bro. Should be under a minute like afrikan videos.

  • kamal jama
    kamal jama12 dager siden

    9:17 I can't believe that so many people didn't know this XD

  • Jefferson JOB
    Jefferson JOB12 dager siden

    Fun fact:The first scene was directed by Americans😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Original
    Mr. Original13 dager siden

    9:23 Most painful part of this is that I know this song, since I grew up listening to this because of my grandmother...

  • Mr Brainwork Aisosa
    Mr Brainwork Aisosa13 dager siden

    this isnot nollywood this uganda hood

  • rojux x
    rojux x13 dager siden

    indian editors be like

  • Eli
    Eli14 dager siden

    We hit 600k somebody put this on reddit to remind him

  • alamgir Khan
    alamgir Khan14 dager siden

    JJ says Rudy Mandingo His mind *Rudy Mand****

  • Anthony ツ A
    Anthony ツ A14 dager siden

    Had me crying 9:30

  • KarKris S
    KarKris S15 dager siden

    Let’s recreation that scene now, please

  • Tristan Chan
    Tristan Chan15 dager siden

    Africa the undisputed king of memes

  • Monster inkz
    Monster inkz16 dager siden

    4:44 I loved how Simon says YEET

  • Danilop2010YT
    Danilop2010YT16 dager siden

    * kicks baby into space *

  • Trigon
    Trigon16 dager siden


  • MusicMaïstro
    MusicMaïstro17 dager siden

    I do not know how NOlocal managed to recommended me this after 2 years but NOlocal DID KNOW DA WAEY!!!

  • MCPON John-117
    MCPON John-11717 dager siden

    1:05 KSI just ended racism for real

  • J0k3r_1ManArmy
    J0k3r_1ManArmy18 dager siden


  • Kyra Pretorius
    Kyra Pretorius18 dager siden

    Bruh... 2020 is almost finished, it's been 2 years... and i'm still waiting for this reenactment.

  • Prudence Mdulo
    Prudence Mdulo19 dager siden

    Am dead .... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Too much too muchi mani.

  • Johnser Kates
    Johnser Kates19 dager siden

    I think the title should be "Reacting to African videos.ftMy girlfriend simon"

  • Maya Mirabella
    Maya Mirabella19 dager siden

    I kinda just chuckled lightly at this

  • OneStonertoRulethemAll
    OneStonertoRulethemAll19 dager siden

    Hey you have to recreate the scene!!

  • Ruhan Maamun
    Ruhan Maamun19 dager siden

    Er reddit gang? Do ur shit. This shits on 600k

  • Dj Stitchy
    Dj Stitchy21 dag siden

    Damn its almost 3 years Plus the video is over 600k likes jj 2:27

  • chicken noodle soup yapo
    chicken noodle soup yapo21 dag siden

    when life gives you lemons, you make grapes

  • Humang Mbelle
    Humang Mbelle21 dag siden

    I knew I am like 2 years late but Nollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world. Just saying.

  • Humang Mbelle

    Humang Mbelle

    17 dager siden

    @Agent Orange you're capping. Nollywood movies bang!

  • Agent Orange

    Agent Orange

    17 dager siden

    It is stll crap m8

  • FABI MCツ
    FABI MCツ23 dager siden

    600k u have 694k do it JJ

  • Batt0usai377
    Batt0usai37725 dager siden

    KSI's face looks so weird here. He certainly matured a lot in 2 years.

  • Mr G
    Mr G26 dager siden

    Hahaha why is Simon's right hand is bigger than his left??😂

  • Captain Rodriguez
    Captain Rodriguez26 dager siden

    What's the title of the video JJ and Randolph reacting to

  • Jizy 12
    Jizy 1227 dager siden

    This is a joke 😂

  • TheUnfinishedPotato
    TheUnfinishedPotato28 dager siden


  • Tekk 6lock
    Tekk 6lock29 dager siden

    The first vid was Uganda

  • Mika kungs
    Mika kungs29 dager siden

    2020 suck

  • Lucid
    Lucid29 dager siden

    Jesus knows kung fu?? 5:36

  • Default Dance
    Default Dance29 dager siden

    PETITION to get this as a collab with pewdiepie and JJ for 600k

  • CraziBoi4637
    CraziBoi4637Måned siden

    yo couples react

  • Mr slayxx
    Mr slayxxMåned siden

    Loooooooooolllll lmaaaaaaaooooooo im soooo dead

  • L3mar
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  • Itz Mobro
    Itz MobroMåned siden

    yo where's my boy samspedy

  • Just one of the 7billion
    Just one of the 7billionMåned siden

    3:58 *whisper *forshadowing*

  • Darren Fernandez
    Darren FernandezMåned siden

    2020 anyone ?

  • P X Gaming
    P X GamingMåned siden

    The title is African memes 98% Uganda 2% African

  • raze
    razeMåned siden

    Better than birdemic

  • HDSR03
    HDSR03Måned siden

    JJ, it’s almost on 700k. Can anyone remind him on Reddit plz?😁

  • anselmxo
    anselmxoMåned siden


  • Kcanger 00
    Kcanger 00Måned siden

    I’m dying inside

  • AGENT 513
    AGENT 513Måned siden


  • General Smarty
    General SmartyMåned siden

    well its time ksi

  • pat turner
    pat turnerMåned siden

    Its time to remind JJ that he has to recreate that scene

  • pat turner
    pat turnerMåned siden

    Its time to remind JJ that he has to recreate that scene

  • Ant Antelope
    Ant AntelopeMåned siden

    I hate this video so much because that guy with his eyeball almost made me have a heart attack

  • Trillionz7
    Trillionz7Måned siden

    Best hair he ever had!

  • Zacko Savage
    Zacko SavageMåned siden

    I love jj but he was such a cocky bastard😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 依せ淫ㄒ尺卂丂卄
    依せ淫ㄒ尺卂丂卄Måned siden


  • Alien
    AlienMåned siden

    no he didnt crash the helicopter on the building he fired backwards

  • Sirzechs Quasar
    Sirzechs QuasarMåned siden

    What happened to the reddit squad that's usually on this shit like a rash reminding mans to do shit after the like goal has been hit

  • Beau Devine
    Beau DevineMåned siden

    wheres the scene jj?

  • Jason Wrzesien
    Jason WrzesienMåned siden

    Time to remake lol

  • Hood Threat Jr
    Hood Threat JrMåned siden

    Can't believe am from this country Uganda😂

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot SlayerMåned siden

    this is serious,everybody in uganda knows kung fu

  • slashDRAGON
    slashDRAGONMåned siden

    Hey, Just a friendly reminder that we passed 600k likes. So he have to recreate that fighting scene

    DANIEL FANBOYMåned siden

    600k recreate the scene JJ

  • andres rivera
    andres riveraMåned siden

    Watch please i dont have time for no gossip