KSI - Wake Up Call (feat. Trippie Redd) [Official Music Video]


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Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer: Asher Brown

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com



Trippie Redd

Don’t wake up when it’s too late
They might think that you hate me
Ima get it in while you wait
Better late than never

Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, this the WAKE UP Call
Every other day I’m getting cake like Yooo!
Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL.
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, get your face bust off
Your bitch with me now tryin’ to get face fucked dawg


Funny innit (ha)
Now they wanting to get it (money)
Now they wanting to visit (Ay)
Cos they watching the Richard (Mille)
See me getting the cheddar (cheesy)
See me sprinkle the pepper (season)
Panoramic my view in leading and trending whatever,

Trippie Redd - Okay


Bill it (yeah)
Thurman how I go kill it (Bill)
Hire steak and get fillet (Beef)
X amount to exhibit
I’m winning in different avenues
Trippie my revenue
Don’t see me ever lose
I jump hurdles like kangaroos (damn)

Trippie Redd

Don’t wake up when it’s too late
They might think that you hate me
Ima get it in while you wait
Better late than never

Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, this the WAKE UP Call
Every other day I’m getting cake like Yooo!
Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL.
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, get your face bust off
Your bitch with me now tryin’ to get face fucked dawg


Picture perfect
Now that they know I’m worth it
Before they hated
Now they say I deserve it
Back the beef
Showing them how I bring it
At the beach
Sipping on something different

Swimming in money they said I’ll never earn
Kicked out of school, they said I’ll never learn
Now I learned to make it count
Multiplied the vision and making a high amount bitch

Trippie Redd

In a big body swervin’
No suburban
Bitch this is a Bently
Pussy do not tempt me
Cause the choppa get a buzzin’ have a nigga lookin’ like

Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, this the WAKE UP Call
Every other day I’m getting cake like Yooo!
Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL.
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, get your face bust off
Your bitch with me now tryin’ to get face fucked dawg
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  • Luka Postigo Jimenez
    Luka Postigo JimenezTime siden

    I bet trippie didnt cross a Word with ksi

  • Dr soja Augustin
    Dr soja Augustin7 timer siden


  • IHopegood
    IHopegood19 timer siden

    I think Juice WRLD would’ve also done well on this beat if he was alive. I also believe JJ would’ve collabed with Juice and X at some point if they were still here

  • Crinx


    13 timer siden

    Juice I actually think they would but not to sure with x

  • Come watch This
    Come watch This21 time siden

    Trippie redd carried this

  • Dan Haines
    Dan HainesDag siden

    the fact that he said everyone wheres a fat suit when already has one on


    @BrianaL02846915 never heard it in my puff........ Any chance lina???

  • Naked Peter
    Naked PeterDag siden

    Trippie carried this song

    T0S ALPHADag siden

    Wait did he actually file a lawsuit for 250k?

  • Merion Iseni
    Merion Iseni2 dager siden

    Ksi looks like the person in a birthday party that doesn't know what to do

  • Comixathome92
    Comixathome924 dager siden

    Why is ksi so stationary in the beginning

  • Aige
    Aige5 dager siden


  • Elijah Cruickshank
    Elijah Cruickshank5 dager siden

    This some is still good

  • Dantonio DAC
    Dantonio DAC6 dager siden


  • D1ghit On cd
    D1ghit On cd6 dager siden

    How did the not so popular KSI get in touch with the more popular Trippie Redd

  • D1ghit On cd

    D1ghit On cd

    11 timer siden

    @Crinx I was just trying to say that he is more popular

  • Crinx


    12 timer siden

    @D1ghit On cd trippies last album was so bad and his rock deluxe was even worst ☠️☠️

  • D1ghit On cd

    D1ghit On cd

    12 timer siden

    @Crinx no

  • Crinx


    12 timer siden

    @D1ghit On cd definitely 8 years old

  • Crinx


    12 timer siden

    @D1ghit On cd not his song tho

  • Shravan Eswar
    Shravan Eswar6 dager siden

    i made this song my alarm

  • lil Dallas
    lil Dallas6 dager siden

    This song is ass holy fuck, Ksi should not make music

    ZORO GAMING FF7 dager siden

    Trippie carried bro

  • Ryan Lewin
    Ryan Lewin7 dager siden

    Mini trippy looks like 69 😂

  • NotBeam
    NotBeam9 dager siden

    take ksi off this trippe carried

  • iAmPoPPaL


    7 dager siden

    @Courvix oh just saw a comment talking about brain damage. I hope they get better too

  • iAmPoPPaL


    7 dager siden

    @Courvix no i said "interesting, I would say opposite"

  • Courvix


    7 dager siden

    @iAmPoPPaL sorry to hear about your brain damage :(

  • iAmPoPPaL


    9 dager siden

    interesting, I would say opposite

  • Faze Killa
    Faze Killa12 dager siden

    And he said YEET

  • Faze Killa
    Faze Killa12 dager siden

    lol this man said naw to that hat

  • Do Nathan
    Do Nathan12 dager siden

    Its 2021 and I'm still vibing to this song

  • vincent muiruri
    vincent muiruri13 dager siden

    This song is a banger😂😂

  • Dylan Halden
    Dylan Halden13 dager siden

    I like that juice wrld graduation vibe at the end 😎

    CRAZY ADI15 dager siden

    even though ksi and trippie have beef this song is best

  • A.F.N. Clans
    A.F.N. Clans15 dager siden

    This song is shit ass funny

  • El Diablo - The Fire Debree
    El Diablo - The Fire Debree15 dager siden

    Ksi was friends with trippie so then I suddenly hated ksi , he got beef with trippie and I suddenly like ksi again

  • Vizion
    Vizion16 dager siden

    ᔕᑌᗷᗷ𝙸ᑎ𝙶 ᗷᗩᑕ𝙺 𝚃𝙾 ᗩᑎ𝚈𝙾ᑎ𝙴 ᗯᕼ𝙾 ᔕᑌᗷᗷ 𝚃𝙾 me 👈❤️🔥𝙸'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕ𝚃🔥.

  • Jacket Games

    Jacket Games

    3 dager siden


  • SJX
    SJX16 dager siden

    this is no cap the best music video ive ever seen

  • OG Sav
    OG Sav16 dager siden

    At 2:38 trippies face makes me laugh lol

  • Zando GD
    Zando GD16 dager siden

    Wait, your telling me ksi made a song with a guy who was featured on an X song?

  • Köln-Chorweiler Nord
    Köln-Chorweiler Nord16 dager siden

    How come I never heard this

    BAPAK有LORD17 dager siden

    Adam levine is awesome

  • Diaz romario
    Diaz romario17 dager siden

    Really catchy tune

  • Galaxy Glxs
    Galaxy Glxs17 dager siden

    My favorite Ksi song

    GAMBIT ENTERTAINMENT18 dager siden

    i am still confused if this is the behind the scene or not

  • Naresh Sharda
    Naresh Sharda18 dager siden


  • Reuben The yeet
    Reuben The yeet19 dager siden

    Jj should put passion in his name

  • Doom Carbine
    Doom Carbine20 dager siden

    This isnt acted out, this is just high quality behind the scenes footage.

  • Polly Purslow
    Polly Purslow20 dager siden

    This is ur best song jj

  • Lightningblue43
    Lightningblue4321 dag siden

    3:11 it sounds like he saying logan gang quickly

  • Danilegend9
    Danilegend921 dag siden


  • Younh Boy vault
    Younh Boy vault22 dager siden

    I’m sorry but this was a year ago?

  • Ic3y PES
    Ic3y PES22 dager siden

    Thanks KSI for ruining this song

  • Jacket Games

    Jacket Games

    3 dager siden

    He didn’t

  • lufc logan
    lufc logan23 dager siden

    KSI ruins this song

  • Jacket Games

    Jacket Games

    3 dager siden


  • Zaid Mohammad
    Zaid Mohammad23 dager siden

    Press the number 3:12 and stop the clip hahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Luka Jank
    Luka Jank24 dager siden


  • Darren Andrew Jackson
    Darren Andrew Jackson25 dager siden

    KSI most of finally watched Austin powers

  • rama
    rama25 dager siden

    This s the worst lip syncing ever😂

  • M1ley Playz
    M1ley Playz25 dager siden

    He's looks confused af

  • Mohan Maragh
    Mohan Maragh26 dager siden


  • zach was

    zach was

    18 dager siden

    Divide means to split

  • Ant Antelope
    Ant Antelope26 dager siden


  • Ralph
    Ralph27 dager siden

    I actually think this is one of KSI’s best songs

  • Vibez


    20 dager siden

    @Ralph He is ngl he the only reason I listen to this I Literally sing his part all the time

  • Ralph


    25 dager siden

    @Hairy Potter If you say so 😅

  • Hairy Potter

    Hairy Potter

    25 dager siden

    Trippies the only good part

  • Syahid
    Syahid29 dager siden

    I love classic trippie

  • Drizzy NBA
    Drizzy NBA29 dager siden

    Trippie carried.

  • AH S
    AH SMåned siden

    What a song. One year later and so much has changed. I remember listening to this in the library at my school studying early in the morning when no one was around. Then I remember listening to it when I got sick with coronavirus in March and we heard exams were cancelled - it helped me realise - and a year later still realise - that life’s not about success or money or achievement . It’s about what you feel. This song and video are fun and energetic - just what I needed for a tough year. Thanks mate.

  • M S

    M S

    13 dager siden

    Yeah i remember listening to this before corona happened

  • Sid


    24 dager siden

    Facts bro this song is weirdly nostalgic

  • CaptainHugo
    CaptainHugoMåned siden

    One year

  • Gold Speed
    Gold SpeedMåned siden

    Happy one anniversary to wake up call

  • Syahmi Azhar
    Syahmi AzharMåned siden

    my man doesn't even watch austin powers

  • Ubabquay Sanders
    Ubabquay SandersMåned siden

    did he act hateing his set or was it real

  • AH S

    AH S

    Måned siden

    Yeah it’s all part of the video - I think the aim was to make the video comedic. Idk about you lot but I really enjoyed this song and video 😃

  • Harry
    HarryMåned siden

    Defo Ksi's biggest features

  • Cam Rich

    Cam Rich

    17 dager siden

    @4UELL3 trippies his best feature tho

  • 4UELL3


    18 dager siden

    lil baby is

  • savage bruh
    savage bruhMåned siden

    skip 0:00

  • bossmantings
    bossmantingsMåned siden

    last year was a leap year so this is 364 days old, 2 days and its a year old. HOW

  • C.R.E.A.M
    C.R.E.A.MMåned siden

    Trippie really be making every hook catchy af

  • Jevon Adu-walkerlane
    Jevon Adu-walkerlaneMåned siden

    Guys forgive my sister so basically what happened........ ........She watched this and asked "juice wrld is still alive?" And i put my hand on my face and sighed she actually thought JJ was juice 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Matthew Lares
    Matthew LaresMåned siden

    this is posted on my birthday

  • Noah Jacks
    Noah JacksMåned siden

    The youtube algorithm started up again.

  • _14kjay
    _14kjayMåned siden

    I came bck because of sidemen and ksi getting owned

  • Me Me
    Me MeMåned siden

    5 more days then it will be a year

  • Thomasgaming999
    Thomasgaming999Måned siden

    Only if juice wrld was in wake up call instead of Ksi

  • Emin Karapinar
    Emin KarapinarMåned siden

    Are they still setting up the music video or are they fiming it i cant tell

  • Iruka Sensei
    Iruka SenseiMåned siden

    Why did they even beef this shit fire like wtf

  • 4UELL3


    18 dager siden

    @Nialldinhooo honestly I don't blame him, he was just trying to promote his album

  • Nialldinhooo


    Måned siden

    Cause Trippie was talking shit about jj with Jake paul

  • YTK_Keiran_BTW ?
    YTK_Keiran_BTW ?Måned siden

    Ik im late to this but I literally made this my alarm an when i tell you that this song on full volume almost gives you a heart attack🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Swift_Man
    Swift_ManMåned siden

    {LOVE you Bro. Your The Best.JJ💙}

  • Sam
    SamMåned siden

    He has got so much better in under a year!!

  • shadowgaming Gaming
    shadowgaming GamingMåned siden

    Where’s ski mask

  • ImBiasToZion


    Måned siden

    @The FedoOo what?

  • The FedoOo

    The FedoOo

    Måned siden


  • Gerald Balingasa jr
    Gerald Balingasa jrMåned siden


  • Adrian M
    Adrian MMåned siden

    This video was hilarious, especially the credits 😭😭😭 "Trippie Redd has no recollection of the music video but fucks with it"

  • Uzair Halimi
    Uzair HalimiMåned siden

    good times where wehen this came out

  • Ant Antelope
    Ant AntelopeMåned siden


  • Shanobro
    ShanobroMåned siden

    Hey! If you are seeing this, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you!! He loves you so much that He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead so that you could be saved from sin and the wrath of God!! This is the Gospel; you can be saved from God’s wrath and hell if you believe and trust in Jesus! God Bless you all!!!

  • Archie West

    Archie West

    Måned siden

    Jesus don't exist

  • Lunden Reid
    Lunden ReidMåned siden

    Wait why they beefing?

  • Archoss_999


    Måned siden

    jake paul and trippie became friends

  • TheDarkKnight
    TheDarkKnightMåned siden

    Oops wrong wake up call i guess

  • dabio
    dabioMåned siden

    i have this song as my wake up alarm

  • Yasin Ismail
    Yasin IsmailMåned siden

    This song is kinda dead asf

  • Archoss_999


    Måned siden

    trippie carried

  • The FedoOo

    The FedoOo

    Måned siden

    Like your taste of music 😎

  • Yasin Ismail

    Yasin Ismail

    Måned siden

    @name .2 sym

  • name .2

    name .2

    Måned siden

    So why are you here?

  • Josare' King
    Josare' KingMåned siden

    Great video

  • cade renear
    cade renearMåned siden

    Oh damn, he was acting. i really thought they was being assholes

  • Radar 1

    Radar 1

    Måned siden

    He wasn't

  • Kabali Ratxa
    Kabali RatxaMåned siden

    The director had more video time that ksi

  • AwaKe Danny
    AwaKe DannyMåned siden

    i’d do anything to go back to january of 2020

  • TheRealCrinkles
    TheRealCrinklesMåned siden

    POV : you’re here in 2021 and you remember how good life was when he dropped this

  • Lil Goop

    Lil Goop

    3 dager siden


  • Do Nathan

    Do Nathan

    12 dager siden

    @цепи и кровь кровь it was covid, wasn't exactly a thing, at least where I'm from. I still enjoyed life

  • Tadhg Murnane

    Tadhg Murnane

    15 dager siden


  • Moiz Ahmad

    Moiz Ahmad

    16 dager siden

    Who said covid was still a thing

  • цепи и кровь кровь

    цепи и кровь кровь

    18 dager siden

    lol what? Life wasn’t good

  • Kaif_fn
    Kaif_fnMåned siden

    JJ isnt pleased with Trippe Redd they got beef

  • no
    noMåned siden

    POV: you were recommended this randomly after almost a year of it being released and you listening to it

    GOBAGABER 16Måned siden

    I came back to say Felix loves this song

  • Baby_pipe 21
    Baby_pipe 21Måned siden

    This is my favorite jj hair

  • debilek
    debilekMåned siden

    zasranej virag

  • Ant Antelope
    Ant AntelopeMåned siden


  • AwaKe Danny

    AwaKe Danny

    Måned siden

    fr, soon it is

  • Ian Josh
    Ian JoshMåned siden

    I think they misspelled "Official Music Video" with "Behind the Scenes"

  • Vezzicc
    VezziccMåned siden


  • Zach-Axel Ponce
    Zach-Axel PonceMåned siden

    Is this lala land and beauty and the beast merged together now

  • Abhyudaya Solanki
    Abhyudaya SolankiMåned siden

    Yeah it's the break up call