KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Official Music Video]


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  • Euiie Dan Recha
    Euiie Dan RechaTime siden

    I love how JJ still hangs out with his friends even though he's already at the top

  • Vron
    Vron8 timer siden

    JJ with glasses looks sick

  • Sh0cK WaVe
    Sh0cK WaVe9 timer siden

    Most underrated song

  • dumdum dumdum
    dumdum dumdum14 timer siden

    ez pz just CLAAP FOR THE MAN!!!

  • Ajama786
    Ajama78615 timer siden

    This song is actually amazing wtf didn’t expect that it’s not forced it’s very catchy

  • Balraj Yadav
    Balraj Yadav16 timer siden

    Oh man ,I can't forget 🤙🕶️

  • U_StRiKKer
    U_StRiKKer18 timer siden

    this song is a new member of my playlist:D

  • Ryan_C
    Ryan_C22 timer siden

    KSI's best song. No cap.

  • katakmelayang
    katakmelayangDag siden


  • Kdraws 246
    Kdraws 246Dag siden

    1:17 KSI's editor be like

  • O Z
    O ZDag siden

    Damn this is so good

  • Álvaro lópez veiga
    Álvaro lópez veigaDag siden

    When KSI made good music

  • Takudzwa Saravoye
    Takudzwa Saravoye2 dager siden

    this songs horrible

  • Takudzwa Saravoye

    Takudzwa Saravoye

    3 timer siden

    @Captain Rogers oky its cul

  • Captain Rogers

    Captain Rogers

    17 timer siden

    Would u rather listen to everyday bro

  • Asher Unees
    Asher Unees2 dager siden

    mad song people listening this 2021

  • i like turtles :D
    i like turtles :D2 dager siden

    Wait so this is the same guy that calls himself babatunde?

  • arkle.
    arkle.2 dager siden

    by far jj's best song

  • Blackjax 15
    Blackjax 152 dager siden

    2:04 - 2:15 JJ looks like if he was the left out cousin when the others just left him be in the music video out of sympathy.

  • Aurum Faber
    Aurum Faber2 dager siden

    Don't worry, you are not the only one that's *tired of these comments* .

  • Sym .1
    Sym .12 dager siden

    Swarmzy carried this song icl

  • Minato Shigeta
    Minato Shigeta2 dager siden

    Me: makes out with a celebrity The night guards at the wax museum: 0:13

    SKORPIAN2 dager siden


    SKORPIAN2 dager siden


  • — M0rph —
    — M0rph —2 dager siden

    Jj swiping through holographic screen: *aggressive scowling faces*

  • Fraser142
    Fraser1422 dager siden

    music got me gassed you know fucking bangers i show people this telling them here this guy is a youtuber but you will love the vibes he makes honestly man keep it up!

  • NJay
    NJay3 dager siden

    First lockdown nostalgia JEEZ

  • Chickenplayz 2
    Chickenplayz 23 dager siden

    This song is the best album jj has made but then there's don't play I think houdini and don't play are both jj's best

  • Alessandro Quintana
    Alessandro Quintana4 dager siden

    He does really good songs but this song on a new level

    LORD KSI4 dager siden

    You just know whenever he wears those glasses, he gonna be rapping in a different accent 😂😂

  • bala-In _Black
    bala-In _Black4 dager siden

    Bro I'm from Australia... ksi killed his verse respect brother 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾🤙🏾👍🏾🤙🏾

  • J wal
    J wal4 dager siden

    This is miles ahead of everyday bro, congrats on the fire song

  • Chloe15 E
    Chloe15 E4 dager siden

    i love your songs so much

  • Ryan Johnstone
    Ryan Johnstone4 dager siden

    this about to hit different summer 2021

  • Charlie Fawcett
    Charlie Fawcett4 dager siden

    what a banger fav song keep it up:)

  • Marilyn Flores
    Marilyn Flores5 dager siden

    This Mad hes on fire 🔥

  • Strike Censored
    Strike Censored5 dager siden


  • Username
    Username5 dager siden

    His best song imo

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man5 dager siden

    Can somebody please tell me which language this is?

  • studi0z
    studi0z5 dager siden

    Bitcoin check !!!!! Dash Digital Cash check check !!!!! KSI on fire 🔥😍👌

  • second account
    second account5 dager siden

    Absolute banger

  • Wolfcreigh
    Wolfcreigh5 dager siden

    Bruh..that car is a paid actor

  • henry embleton
    henry embleton5 dager siden

    This man a legend

  • hazza c
    hazza c5 dager siden

    Bro keeps evolving each song man's already on ssj

  • kros
    kros6 dager siden

    he dint say mmm mmm

  • Dostonbek Rustamov
    Dostonbek Rustamov6 dager siden

    Who came to watch 3d software tutorials ?

  • Dostonbek Rustamov

    Dostonbek Rustamov

    4 dager siden

    @builderman b yep

  • builderman b

    builderman b

    4 dager siden

    The vfx software?

  • builderman b

    builderman b

    4 dager siden

    What do you mean

  • Quette Griffith Barola
    Quette Griffith Barola6 dager siden

    Keep it up jj love ya

  • JoelJoestar
    JoelJoestar6 dager siden

    Probably unpopular opinion: This is the best song in Dissimulation

  • abcde fghij

    abcde fghij

    6 dager siden

    Facts imo

  • Amine MoudjaHed
    Amine MoudjaHed6 dager siden

    This song sound 10k better at double speed xDDD

  • Callmesmackx
    Callmesmackx6 dager siden

    Is this how music in his country suppose to sound? or is this shit just plain garbage?

  • Anzelika vickun

    Anzelika vickun

    6 dager siden

    Yeah from a fortnite account i dont expect fortnite kids to like anything Except "Fortnite"

  • Mohammed Ebrahim
    Mohammed Ebrahim7 dager siden


  • John Jump
    John Jump7 dager siden

    KSI in music videos:😎😎🤩🤩 KSI in any other form of youtube video:🥴🥴

  • Tsuna
    Tsuna7 dager siden

    No way this was April last year 😯

  • Giovanni C
    Giovanni C7 dager siden

    Keep it up KSI ur doing well

  • Aryan Kapoor
    Aryan Kapoor7 dager siden

    The return of the lambo

  • Cheyenne Farley
    Cheyenne Farley7 dager siden

    i know every word to this song

  • Mo Ally
    Mo Ally7 dager siden

    this is still sik in feb 2021

  • Lemon blah
    Lemon blah8 dager siden

    Wow😱 I don't even know k.s.i is singer. I love this song 🔥

  • Ahmed Gism
    Ahmed Gism8 dager siden

    I can listen to the song only without ur verse in it

  • Angel Yomar Albelo Diaz
    Angel Yomar Albelo Diaz8 dager siden

    "Nobody tik tok when they introduce the song to the app tik tok STONK$"

  • NM10
    NM108 dager siden

    Here, Babatunde found a lot of water but now he lost it

  • Sean Beiles
    Sean Beiles8 dager siden

    this the best

    JOSHUA ISRAEL PATAN8 dager siden


  • SYNC
    SYNC8 dager siden

    jj is ksi wannabe

  • ZEEdits Lol
    ZEEdits Lol8 dager siden

    Don’t worry your not the only one watching this in March.

  • Random
    Random8 dager siden


  • Ashツ
    Ashツ8 dager siden

    KSI's patios is on point

  • Lavador Mendonca
    Lavador Mendonca8 dager siden

    Cool who here 2021

  • CqD Trixyy_ Clips
    CqD Trixyy_ Clips9 dager siden

    I am currently last but I’m sure someone will change that

  • Thanuja Liyanage
    Thanuja Liyanage9 dager siden

    I like this vibe ksi ❤️

    JOSHUA ISRAEL PATAN9 dager siden


    JOSHUA ISRAEL PATAN9 dager siden

    good song

  • i3aadx _
    i3aadx _9 dager siden

    Banger 🔥

  • Ahmed Qalinle
    Ahmed Qalinle9 dager siden

    Damm ice

  • phavba
    phavba9 dager siden

    Jj with glasses = folabi Change my mind

  • Jakab Istvan
    Jakab Istvan10 dager siden

    Dont like KSI but this music is FIRE innit. Aight bruv.

  • Sniper Monkey
    Sniper Monkey10 dager siden

    Fact :Best song jj ever made

  • Aishik Bhattacharya
    Aishik Bhattacharya10 dager siden

    This is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

  • Khalao Maposua
    Khalao Maposua10 dager siden

    when babatunde has all the water

  • InvasFN
    InvasFN10 dager siden

    KSI the next Iron man in avengers

  • third pineda
    third pineda10 dager siden


  • Kripton Igniter
    Kripton Igniter10 dager siden

    February 2021 guys?

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes11 dager siden

    thats five my boy

  • Naeem _
    Naeem _11 dager siden

    Whos listening this in February 2021?

  • excel _infinity
    excel _infinity11 dager siden

    nice flow

  • Holy Guard Of God
    Holy Guard Of God12 dager siden

    Next summer's banger probably 🤔💯💯💯

  • TheGamingBullet
    TheGamingBullet12 dager siden

    I unliked this video... SO I COULD LIKE IT AGAIN 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alexis Mandon
    Alexis Mandon12 dager siden

    RIP to the real Houdini

  • Edward Harrison
    Edward Harrison12 dager siden

    Jake paul sucks

  • Help me to Reach 1⃣K before 2022
    Help me to Reach 1⃣K before 202212 dager siden

    So I'm only one who is watching and reading comments in 2021?



    12 dager siden

    not the only one

  • Goutam Suraj
    Goutam Suraj13 dager siden

    we need a song of KSI and Yizzy

  • doofnuggetsburger
    doofnuggetsburger13 dager siden


  • doofnuggetsburger
    doofnuggetsburger13 dager siden


  • doofnuggetsburger
    doofnuggetsburger13 dager siden


  • Korfs
    Korfs13 dager siden

    yay!! babatunde became a rappa! he found wota now he big rappa

  • Victor
    Victor13 dager siden

    always saw this as a suggestion but never clicked on it because I thought it was trash. turns out I was wrong, love you KSI. 🖤

  • Deepa Parakkal

    Deepa Parakkal

    10 dager siden

    It's one of his best songs

  • Moany Girl Gaming
    Moany Girl Gaming13 dager siden

    It's amazing ksi and tion Wayne

  • Moany Girl Gaming
    Moany Girl Gaming13 dager siden

    This is good

  • AmateurAryan
    AmateurAryan13 dager siden

    The moment i saw @BaileySok in the video....

  • Vedant Shirguppi
    Vedant Shirguppi14 dager siden

    0:13 guess who's banned from playing football for a year

  • Thanuja Liyanage
    Thanuja Liyanage14 dager siden

    Man who runs the UK❤️

  • Mr. Khan
    Mr. Khan14 dager siden

    This is just babatunde after finding a lot of WOTAH...