KSI - Down Like That feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X (Official Video)


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Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer : Casey Schreffler


Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 1 (KSI)

Yeah, yeah,
I want that knockdown
Fuck up the system,
Make it shut down,
I’m cold with this, slow man down like Freezer
Wanna backstab like Frieza
Dictate death like Caesar
Always come through with a bee
Got to do a lot to trouble me
Visionary still won’t tunnel me
Me to you, now that will chuckle me
Devilish views when they’re aiming at the profit
Emitting pain till you’re nothing
Remember what I said when that pussy tried moving with the opps
Now he back with the blocks nigga

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 2 (Rick Ross)

(It’s the biggest in the game!)

Phantoms in my yard
So ring around the Rolls (Skrr)
Hardest on the block
The biggest one, da boss
Helicopter pad the home of Sammy Sosa (Biggest)
Stealing all the bases I’m the ladies token (Wooo)

Bitches always bad, I’m known to blow the budgets
Meek was at the crib
So double M the subject (Ahh)
Condo got three levels, Postmate all the lunches
Flippin’ all the kilos, keepin’ all the grudges

Verse 3 (Lil Baby)

Ain’t no more let downs
Unless the top getting dropped
I love it at the top
My concierge don’t ever stop me
You know I fuck with Ross
I even went and bought da block
A hundred million dollars strong
I really came from sellin rocks
Championship belt
Them VVS they spark
Steal it hit the gas and get out on the narcs
Killas move for free
I just can’t pick a cost
Put the drip on market took it to the charts
Now I’m rocking with The Biggest
And I’m fucking with The Boss

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)
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  • Bryan Idk
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  • X Æ A-XII
    X Æ A-XII13 timer siden

    lil baby ruined it ngl

  • Will Brench

    Will Brench

    5 timer siden

    No lil baby had the best verse by a mile

  • Eshaan Saini
    Eshaan Saini15 timer siden

    20k dislikes like wtf

  • Kyte Cartlidge
    Kyte Cartlidge17 timer siden

    Why is ksi talking about the ops 😂😂

  • IHopegood
    IHopegood18 timer siden

    I was wondering who was falling out of the sky... I was like “did someone get kicked out of Heaven?”

  • Afaf Mosbah
    Afaf Mosbah19 timer siden

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yap young
    Yap young22 timer siden

    lil baby part is the best

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  • Abram Debela
    Abram DebelaDag siden

    what a banger S-X changed it so crazy

  • TheDuda
    TheDudaDag siden

    4 guys on a 3 minute song. Ksi getting carried lol

  • Chris Ducharme
    Chris DucharmeDag siden

    I never thought I would play a yt rapper on my aux

  • King XD
    King XDDag siden

    0:12 When your best friend flirts with your crush

  • Roman Joseph
    Roman JosephDag siden

    this song is below mid

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    2 of my fav entertainers in a song ksi x lil baby ❤️

  • Jessairo Fonseca
    Jessairo Fonseca2 dager siden

    Plot Twist: The actual title is S-X -- Down Like That feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & KSI (Official Video)

  • xanders content
    xanders content2 dager siden

    Beat drop hits harder then my dads belt

  • b hb
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    Ksi is on fire

  • corni_p
    corni_p3 dager siden

    i just want to turn off the song when i hear lil baby

  • Steve from wii sports

    Steve from wii sports

    Dag siden

    It’s ironic because he’s by far the biggest and most talented rapper out of all of them now😂

  • AJIL V K
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    FL keys......

  • RanceplaYs
    RanceplaYs4 dager siden

    Sx raps about heartbreak Ksi raps about he’s win against Logan Paul Rick Ross raps about 💪 flexing fame and girls Lil baby raps about fame Rick Ross

  • katie Maynard
    katie Maynard4 dager siden

    im still watching it because its a banger

  • YoKaiYa
    YoKaiYa4 dager siden

    Dam a year..

    T0S ALPHA5 dager siden

    This is what you call a *BIG ASS BUDGET* music video

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    don't forget S-X

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    Why you got copyrighted claim but it your song?

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    Flow so sick its in my head all day :')

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    Matthew Lynch6 dager siden

    Did jj say "now back with the blocks" or like "like bam with the blocks" cos if its bam that's a killer line

  • p2b
    p2b7 dager siden

    idk if jj paid full price for this lil baby feature

  • Arian A
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    Ite dont tell me im the only one here on 2021

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    Legit banger

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    This is a masterpiece

  • ZeefanPlayz
    ZeefanPlayz7 dager siden

    my laptop:meh i dont wanna play this game smooth anymore **starts lagging** me:**replaces windows 8.1 to windows 10 and me to my old laptop **1:08****

  • ZeefanPlayz
    ZeefanPlayz7 dager siden

    0:44 what i say when my laptop cant even run properlly

  • Jacy Steven
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  • Bobby Wood
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    It probably is just me but lil baby’s flow and part on this is so underrated

  • Andres Sampedro
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    Sup Gamer8 dager siden

    This was the song that blew up JJs music career

  • Rayaan Mansoor

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    @ruelle v yeah I feel that uncontrollable was the turning point in his music fr

  • ruelle v

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    @Best Of M7 he said blew up not improved 🤦🏼‍♂️ ksi improved since uncontrollable & the new age album dropped

  • Best Of M7

    Best Of M7

    7 dager siden

    No jj was making good music before this

  • Makram Hossain
    Makram Hossain8 dager siden

    its not bad. couldve been better if lil baby stuck with the flow a little more. than it wouldve been worth a god tier

  • Tanner Burger
    Tanner Burger8 dager siden

    Anyone else think sx sucks ass

  • I play games
    I play games8 dager siden

    1:07 racist

  • TheyCallMeTarik
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  • Bruhman 69
    Bruhman 698 dager siden

    All jake and Logan fans disliked this vid cuz jj got that KNOCKDOWN

  • akshat 100200
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    Make this comment 100+likes

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    _This song won't be the same without S-X_

  • Digvijay Singh Pathania
    Digvijay Singh Pathania9 dager siden

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    i mean 1:38

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    1:19 what the hell is lil baby is doing

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    worst collab

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    Nigga your best song

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    I don’t see why Jake Paul and RiceGum have careers... they should quit because this is the true definition of music 🎵🎧

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    This for sure is the best song JJ has ever made

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