KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]


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Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures
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  • Chris
    Chris37 minutter siden

    Skip to 16 sec too spare your ears You're Welcome!! 😉

  • Jack Back
    Jack Back13 timer siden

    And to think this guy gets bullied on Reddit

  • MRP BG
    MRP BGDag siden

    Offset is savage

  • kar en tuk the child
    kar en tuk the child2 dager siden

    He stil cappin

  • Gillli illi the posedon!
    Gillli illi the posedon!3 dager siden

    theme music in the ring!

  • Gillli illi the posedon!
    Gillli illi the posedon!3 dager siden

    ksi get money now fuck!

  • ko sdsd
    ko sdsd4 dager siden

    Get HYPER

  • Mickey Nguyen
    Mickey Nguyen4 dager siden

    Im a time traveler

  • Henri Fakhouri
    Henri Fakhouri4 dager siden

    bruh JJ's energy in this is so fkn good, also has a travis scott vibe in the chorus fire songg ngl

    CHARLES LEE RAY4 dager siden

    This song is garbage. I'd rather listen to baby shark 😂😂😂😂



    3 dager siden

    Go listen to that then bitch

  • Lachy cool
    Lachy cool4 dager siden

    Just saying I have epilepsy and I died

  • James Gayfer

    James Gayfer

    3 dager siden


  • John Murray
    John Murray5 dager siden

    Trash mate🤮

  • Yash Singam
    Yash Singam5 dager siden

    I’ve come back to this 9 months later and I’m still in shock at the fact that he got Offset as a feature

  • Chris Fitz
    Chris Fitz5 dager siden

    JJ and offset tho didn't no u were big time like that congrats bro

  • Chris Fitz

    Chris Fitz

    5 dager siden

    Song goes hard too big upzzz for y'all.

  • Randy Producer
    Randy Producer6 dager siden

    0:59 thank me later

  • Freddie Webster

    Freddie Webster

    4 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣whole song is hard tbh but lol

  • Derrick Eccott
    Derrick Eccott6 dager siden

    Song good but music video confusing

  • Paras Jagtap
    Paras Jagtap6 dager siden

    no cap

  • Connor Thomas
    Connor Thomas8 dager siden

    Thanks jj my brother had a seizure

  • M o n k e
    M o n k e8 dager siden

    Offset part hits different ❌ 🧢

  • Smokeyツ
    Smokeyツ9 dager siden


  • Siver Ismael
    Siver Ismael9 dager siden


  • 《Dark _Light》
    《Dark _Light》9 dager siden

    I actually don't know who is KSI before until Quackity post a video with KSI if you asked yes im living under a rock

  • 21 sandwich
    21 sandwich9 dager siden

    I’m only here for offset

  • Kitty
    Kitty10 dager siden

    this songs is pretty bad jj but dont worry dont play and poppin best my g

  • Wright Boys
    Wright Boys10 dager siden

    His songs are good but I think this is the best one

  • Denis Gombar
    Denis Gombar10 dager siden

    Jake paul be like😢

  • Tewodros Morris
    Tewodros Morris11 dager siden

    In this rap song ksi sound like young don the sauce god

  • Ian M Miranda
    Ian M Miranda11 dager siden

    this go hard asf

  • Susan Wearn
    Susan Wearn11 dager siden


  • A N T I S O C I A L
    A N T I S O C I A L12 dager siden

    Offset carried

  • Parth Chandra

    Parth Chandra

    10 dager siden

    In my opinion both carried ☺️

  • Shiva Datta
    Shiva Datta12 dager siden

    HARD 🔥

  • Cameron Dare
    Cameron Dare12 dager siden

    My little brother loved this song and video he started break dancing and he danced so much he started foaming at the mouth! So silly!😃😃

  • Ant Antelope
    Ant Antelope12 dager siden

    Who still banging this in 2021 since JJ hasn't released any trap in a while?

  • Man o war Jackson
    Man o war Jackson12 dager siden

    Why tf are hanging with offset for bro he's a bitch. He's the one that has attacked xxtentacion and you know that x is one of them best rappers show respect to x man not offset and the migos. Ksi i'm not hater but you know what happend to xxtentacion between migos and offset

  • Not Thom Huntley

    Not Thom Huntley

    2 timer siden

    so he still makes good music

  • Brier Pennington
    Brier Pennington12 dager siden

    id be a huge fan if KSI made songs like this and a bit less autotune

  • LordShadowSan 123
    LordShadowSan 12313 dager siden

    jj's height is 6ft refer to title of song

  • Parth Chandra

    Parth Chandra

    10 dager siden


  • Zain Hanif
    Zain Hanif13 dager siden


  • Lewis Gardener
    Lewis Gardener13 dager siden

    Cap song

  • Peace On Earth
    Peace On Earth13 dager siden

    Imagine if this was a trailer for a movie

  • Shihab shams
    Shihab shams13 dager siden

    Offset really did give him a verse he would give to any other artist...best verse JJ got

  • ULTRA.
    ULTRA.14 dager siden

    offset went fucking hard

  • Ishaan Bhat
    Ishaan Bhat14 dager siden

    What did iron man say during civil war? "I can't be no friends with no cap"

  • Og Hennylow
    Og Hennylow14 dager siden

    Offset needed some money huh

  • BEN Vuitton
    BEN Vuitton14 dager siden

    Let's go 8 moths later

  • Puppets Show
    Puppets Show14 dager siden

    offset carried this song i dont give a fuck what you say holy fuck

  • alright choco
    alright choco14 dager siden

    offset's part is better than jj's

  • lil trenZ
    lil trenZ14 dager siden

    This guy is so lucky he could collab with ksi!

  • PussyDestroyer69
    PussyDestroyer6915 dager siden

    Imagine how big this song would be if travis scott sang the chorus

  • Hamzah 11
    Hamzah 1115 dager siden

    2:43 when he says I swear I’m a addict is cold

  • Patrick Maher
    Patrick Maher17 dager siden

    This is the best song by JJ.

  • Okeykid780 Okea
    Okeykid780 Okea17 dager siden

    What next he finna collab wit drake if that happens Life won’t be the same

    SCORPZGCA17 dager siden


  • Drip Kage
    Drip Kage17 dager siden

    ayo that's cap

  • Kerox
    Kerox18 dager siden

    00:00 sounds like a new character being introduced

  • Sergio ibarra
    Sergio ibarra18 dager siden

    Don’t get me wrong this is good but the lack of arittun kanda makes it bafccc

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown18 dager siden

    I’m so proud of jj man honestly

  • TMC
    TMC19 dager siden

    This slaps.

  • علي سعد عبد الباقي
    علي سعد عبد الباقي19 dager siden

    jj killed offset in a song who would have known

  • Roberto M
    Roberto M19 dager siden

    2021 and this song still goin hard

  • miguel
    miguel19 dager siden

    this music video reminds me of uncontrollable

  • Eeveee
    Eeveee19 dager siden

    It’s so sad seeing someone put up stuff like this it’s very satanic and I hope he finds Jesus before it’s to late. Evidence: 1:14 upside down cross

  • TR0P1C_clan
    TR0P1C_clan19 dager siden

    In my opinion this is one of his best

  • Jandrews
    Jandrews19 dager siden

    auto tune to fuck

  • L B
    L B20 dager siden

    Shame Ksi ruined this one

  • Keedo
    Keedo20 dager siden

    When you say kendrick lamar is the trashes rapper:

  • Cheezy Mcnugget
    Cheezy Mcnugget20 dager siden

    Boy said drip drip gucci gang

  • Adam Elwahwah
    Adam Elwahwah20 dager siden

    offset's flow is just ridiculous

  • Nisc
    Nisc21 dag siden

    Fire i used this music in my fortnite montage

  • Gamer Puny
    Gamer Puny21 dag siden

    good part(offset): 0:59

  • Rayaan Mansoor

    Rayaan Mansoor

    10 dager siden

    @Parth Chandra exactly His verse was epic aswell

  • Parth Chandra

    Parth Chandra

    10 dager siden

    @Rayaan Mansoor yes ksi was also decent and a fitting verse for the beat

  • Rayaan Mansoor

    Rayaan Mansoor

    20 dager siden

    Both of them did good i suppose Even tho ksi had autotune The verse did well

  • Justin Panmei
    Justin Panmei21 dag siden

    Would've been better if this was released on lyrical lemonade



    18 dager siden

    @4UELL3 bro he has songs with offset , trippie. He's mainstream. Lyrical lemonade is good but not the shit lol.

  • 4UELL3


    18 dager siden

    ksi ain't that mainstream just yet

  • vivian gadet
    vivian gadet21 dag siden


  • Tyson Dyson
    Tyson Dyson22 dager siden

    Is that Juice Wrld 1:23

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham22 dager siden

    If Ksi had no autotune this would be one of the greatest songs I think I've ever heard

  • Dankulous
    Dankulous22 dager siden

    Offset (feat. KSI)

  • Dankulous
    Dankulous22 dager siden

    *Epilepsy intensifies*

  • Rosanny Espanal
    Rosanny Espanal22 dager siden

    And the beat

  • Rosanny Espanal
    Rosanny Espanal22 dager siden

    It’s so lit jj

  • / Ö / S / Ä /
    / Ö / S / Ä /22 dager siden

    This beat sounds exactly like dubai shit from travis scott

  • Devite Sentinel
    Devite Sentinel22 dager siden

    absolute fire

  • XxRiyan-playZxX
    XxRiyan-playZxX22 dager siden

    auto tune kills it

  • Mr. Cap
    Mr. Cap23 dager siden

    Ima fan of Ksi but this isn’t it I’m sorry apart from offsets verse

  • Lost Eye
    Lost Eye24 dager siden

    “No cop”

  • Shakira Mulcahy
    Shakira Mulcahy25 dager siden

    Window cap.

  • Maulik Ranadive
    Maulik Ranadive25 dager siden

    Who all still here listening to this majestic tune

  • D-Fit Prodz
    D-Fit Prodz26 dager siden

    2021-2022 UP

  • Steven Is Cool
    Steven Is Cool26 dager siden

    i dont like this song purely based on the fact offset is a feature

  • 4UELL3


    18 dager siden

    @Steven Is Cool my g you deaf or sum? I bet everyone can hear what he's saying. go hear playboi carti - @meh, that type of songs are calling mumble rap, not this🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Steven Is Cool

    Steven Is Cool

    22 dager siden

    @4UELL3 mumble

  • 4UELL3


    22 dager siden


  • Benjamin Lundell
    Benjamin Lundell27 dager siden


  • Fresh Ohh
    Fresh Ohh27 dager siden

    window cat,window cat, window cat, window cat, window cat window cat

  • Supreme crunch
    Supreme crunch27 dager siden

    1.54 is so sick

  • Scrawl
    Scrawl27 dager siden

    Im on a horse is still better

  • Lewis Bollard
    Lewis Bollard27 dager siden


  • Frieza 223
    Frieza 22327 dager siden

    Searched "window cap"

  • JKR
    JKR28 dager siden


  • Daanerino
    Daanerino28 dager siden

    With no cap With no cat With no kak Window cap Window cat With no rat Window rat With no mat Window clap Bitch thats cap

    NOTED FLOWS28 dager siden

    KSI: i pay 500k for a cat BEERUS: You know your a mere human

    KOMAGAN A/L SARAVANAN -28 dager siden

    🧢🟥🟥🧢🧢🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🟥🟥 🧢🟥🧢🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢🟥🟥🟥 🧢🟥🧢🧢🟥🟥🟥🧢🧢🟥🧢🧢 🧢🟥🧢🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢🟥🧢🧢 🧢🟥🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢🟥🧢🧢 ︎ ︎ ︎The Song



    3 dager siden

    @alan dolan It’s the title man😂😅

  • alan dolan

    alan dolan

    4 dager siden


  • Nut Supplier 69
    Nut Supplier 6929 dager siden

    KSI should be the backup Migo whenever Takeoff gets left off

  • Jair Zuñiga

    Jair Zuñiga

    28 dager siden

    Takeoff is the most underrated rapper in Migos . He levels above KSI. He ain’t goin nowhere

  • T2L
    T2LMåned siden

    He should make a song with all of the migos

  • Alex lex
    Alex lexMåned siden

    1:54 chills

  • Aiden Osborne
    Aiden OsborneMåned siden

    Ngl this actually bangs