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Check Out KSI’s Debut Album “Dissimulation”:
Made By: troyroscoe_
Listen to KSI’s recent singles:
“Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne)”:
“Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp)”:
“Wake Up Call (feat. Trippie Redd)”:
“Down Like That (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X)”:

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  • Xander Blaze
    Xander Blaze25 minutter siden

    2:31 Our Fatneek caused Earth-break. I Love him,no homo. Thanks for everything.❤

  • Danilegend9
    Danilegend911 timer siden


  • M1ley Playz
    M1ley Playz2 dager siden

    this is sick!

  • llxwis
    llxwis3 dager siden

    why did 3 mins feel like an enternity 😂

  • steveee
    steveee11 dager siden

    *Dissimulation* Everyone gangsta till "Millions" started to play.

  • Arian A
    Arian A14 dager siden

    Im gonna tell my kids abt him

  • Harrison


    6 dager siden


  • Arian A
    Arian A14 dager siden

    This man is a legend

  • Storm Lerhard
    Storm Lerhard18 dager siden

    not gonna lie i think it's kinda cringe when people (not just "youtubers") do that tupe of overspeaking

  • Nadi Alilovski
    Nadi Alilovski23 dager siden


  • Scribblz Animates
    Scribblz Animates27 dager siden

    Dissimulation KSI: Concealment of one’s thoughts or feelings Me: a flock of small birds.

    JP DUDE FITNESSMåned siden

    how domain song in this video? this video is from last year... domain was released around a week ago

  • cau juri

    cau juri

    29 dager siden

    he released it in may but that was the music video

  • Fuck da population Bieatch
    Fuck da population BieatchMåned siden

    Hi guys

  • Bashar1712 _
    Bashar1712 _Måned siden


  • Wavyy
    Wavyy2 måneder siden

    Matthew 3:2

  • Wavyy
    Wavyy2 måneder siden

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • Honey Racks
    Honey Racks2 måneder siden

    Came Here On 1st Jan 2021 For Motivation.

  • Vungboi Hauzel
    Vungboi Hauzel2 måneder siden

    0:58,name of the song pls

  • Sanjay Vinod

    Sanjay Vinod

    Måned siden


  • MKH


    Måned siden


  • ij11k
    ij11k2 måneder siden

    It’s tradition to watch these every once in a while

  • King Elijah
    King Elijah2 måneder siden

    He turned off comments for all the songs on dissimulation

  • Mr Richman Cash

    Mr Richman Cash

    6 dager siden

    No it is on his topic channel, as art tracks, and art tracks cannot be commented on.

  • Josh Atkins
    Josh Atkins2 måneder siden

    Why am I being recommended this when I’ve seen it about 5 times

  • Cannonn05
    Cannonn052 måneder siden

    And what an album it was

  • chris egan
    chris egan2 måneder siden

    His hair was better before but it’s grand now tbh

  • Nexsis Dragoris
    Nexsis Dragoris2 måneder siden

    We need more of your real you. In this world F**k these trolls that hate on you. 😁😁😁😁 You have achieved so much but the world doesn't see it Yet!!

  • Darcy McDowell
    Darcy McDowell3 måneder siden


  • Waleed Judeh
    Waleed Judeh3 måneder siden

    I thought that its ksi vs jake

  • Sethunah
    Sethunah3 måneder siden

    The best video on yt

  • Nick’s Channel
    Nick’s Channel3 måneder siden

    This video gave me the confidence to start a NOlocal channel in english and being in front of a camera

  • Geddeez
    Geddeez4 måneder siden

    This album is not a good ksi album, because ksi is terrible and gets carried by all of his features, his verses and songs alone are almost unlistenable, the only alright song is houdini and thats only because there are features on it

  • Ocean Games 2

    Ocean Games 2

    3 måneder siden


  • GrowlingIce 2803
    GrowlingIce 28034 måneder siden

    Been 6 months still get goosebumps

  • No1
    No14 måneder siden


  • No1
    No14 måneder siden

    Hi here

  • Fuck da population Bieatch
    Fuck da population Bieatch4 måneder siden

    This shit is so motivating

  • Fuck da population Bieatch
    Fuck da population Bieatch4 måneder siden


  • Simon McVitty Östborg
    Simon McVitty Östborg4 måneder siden

    1:15 is that actually jj’s mansion?!

  • Joseph Clark

    Joseph Clark

    4 måneder siden

    I think it was where he was when he was in fight camp

  • Jack Boardman
    Jack Boardman4 måneder siden

    JJ gets more views than this did on his second channel

  • wolf on lean
    wolf on lean4 måneder siden

    Who's here after watching ksi JJ olatundji lol 😭🙏

  • BraveNewWorld
    BraveNewWorld4 måneder siden

    KSI is the rabbit hole🤣👌🏾🤣💪🏾✊🏾

  • Increase_jdog
    Increase_jdog4 måneder siden

    Caleb with Travis

  • study channel
    study channel5 måneder siden

    Only thing i like in this video was uppercut

  • Oryx's AMV夢
    Oryx's AMV夢5 måneder siden

    Ksi saying no one nows the other side Me : thinks sad rap Ksi : DOWN LIKE THAT

  • yep thats me alright
    yep thats me alright5 måneder siden

    Lets be honest this was cringy and funny🤣🤣🤣💩💩

  • yep thats me alright

    yep thats me alright

    4 måneder siden

    @Vanelex each to their own opinion.

  • Vanelex


    4 måneder siden


  • 死 SafariSnipez 文
    死 SafariSnipez 文5 måneder siden

    Why did the beginning give me goosebumps

  • yf
    yf5 måneder siden

    1K subs before 2021 sorry if I annoyed you lol

  • Puginator 16
    Puginator 165 måneder siden

    Subscribe to don't subscribe

  • Juan Carmen Chetty
    Juan Carmen Chetty5 måneder siden

    What track is playing in the intro ??

  • Chelsea1905 FC
    Chelsea1905 FC5 måneder siden

    What name of that song?

  • お父さんJorgef10
    お父さんJorgef105 måneder siden

    Broooo I can’t wait for him to make a new album



    5 måneder siden


  • eekling
    eekling6 måneder siden

    gives me goosebumps every time

  • Khachatur Markosyan
    Khachatur Markosyan6 måneder siden

    this vid gave me fuckin goosebumps holy shit

  • I am Spartacus
    I am Spartacus6 måneder siden

    Little did we know there were spoilers of lighter 2:50

  • Riley Lu
    Riley Lu6 måneder siden

    pp if you find this. you will have big pp ;)

  • Vishal 360
    Vishal 3606 måneder siden


  • MHB-gaming
    MHB-gaming6 måneder siden

    Where is beerus

  • smoko guap

    smoko guap

    6 måneder siden

    Hes dead

  • Predator Productions
    Predator Productions6 måneder siden

    He's talking about his forehead right

  • Nik Zarif
    Nik Zarif6 måneder siden

    Ksi: this is why i built this empire, to shield me The empire: *bullies him on reddit*

  • Chalino
    Chalino6 måneder siden

    Ew ksi

  • smoko guap

    smoko guap

    6 måneder siden


  • Abdullah Patel
    Abdullah Patel6 måneder siden

    guys we are the empire that shields him give yourself a pat on the back

  • Dark Clover

    Dark Clover

    6 måneder siden

    Naah, I'm going to bully him in reddit

  • Raidz TV
    Raidz TV6 måneder siden

    I am so glad I saw this!

  • Norlee Wildan
    Norlee Wildan6 måneder siden


  • Gathered SORV
    Gathered SORV6 måneder siden

    long story short... its trash

  • The Notorious Vessel

    The Notorious Vessel

    6 måneder siden


    SXERV6 måneder siden

    That’s the fat geggy neek playing fifa my guy has come far ❤️

  • Hassan ahmed
    Hassan ahmed6 måneder siden

    "I do it cause I'm afraid" hes referring to his reddit

  • Alien
    Alien7 måneder siden

    Guys I think Dissimulation is here

  • Flamasaurus
    Flamasaurus7 måneder siden

    He built a shield that stabs him in the stomach

  • Haadi Jamadar
    Haadi Jamadar7 måneder siden

    it's cool the ending

  • Jakalol123
    Jakalol1237 måneder siden

    Anyone else get a harry Potter vibe

  • swap 287
    swap 2877 måneder siden

    your a legend

    K-S FADE YT7 måneder siden

    cheers for the movie jj

  • gabe vanjour
    gabe vanjour7 måneder siden

    Babatunde has a dark side to him.

  • Brandon Ojeda
    Brandon Ojeda7 måneder siden

    Watching this still gives me goosebumps

  • A Gray
    A Gray7 måneder siden


  • SamFam
    SamFam7 måneder siden

    jj: I’m afraid of it. jjs subreddit: ye of us

  • 3542CoolBroPro
    3542CoolBroPro7 måneder siden

    This is sad but Inspiring

  • I have no name
    I have no name7 måneder siden

    No one: Calfreezy: LET'S GO

  • Ky Gamer
    Ky Gamer7 måneder siden

    First leak song Millions

  • Xrayplayz
    Xrayplayz7 måneder siden

    Who xray mcd I'm a big fan wasn't expecting to see you here 😱

  • MTF
    MTF7 måneder siden

    Wow I didn't know this was a movie lol 😂 huh but if you think of it it's kinda like a movie who agrees 👇

  • Xrayplayz


    7 måneder siden

    Who xray mcd I'm a big fan wasn't expecting to see you here 😱

  • fxxrik Xkhtar
    fxxrik Xkhtar7 måneder siden

    I’m from the future it’s sick

  • Ansel Brari
    Ansel Brari7 måneder siden


  • Pijin
    Pijin7 måneder siden


  • YumaLien101
    YumaLien1017 måneder siden

    “I’ve always been the people think I won’t be able to achieve things” *(I forgot what he said sorry 😅😅😅)* Me: welp... *I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS🙃🙃🙃*

  • VL OS
    VL OS7 måneder siden


  • Mark Locy
    Mark Locy7 måneder siden

    If you listen hard you can hear how it feel in the background before it even came out

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo7 måneder siden

    New age is better tbh

  • Bot
    Bot7 måneder siden

    I like the vid a lot you put effort in it

  • Joe
    Joe7 måneder siden

    0:44 Pans into Chinese man eating cat

  • Ante Gadze
    Ante Gadze8 måneder siden

    If you believen yourself you can literally do anything me as a 10 year old fighting a 12-13 year old in training and then losing. Me after losing: are you sure about that?

  • TRK
    TRK8 måneder siden

    Jj: being serious Deji: he is trying to attack me

  • Abdullah _
    Abdullah _8 måneder siden

    i'm crying (LMAO

  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming8 måneder siden


    SMILE8 måneder siden

    It’s amazing how much effort and emotion he put into this album:)

  • rage
    rage8 måneder siden

    0:23 - Introducing, KSI! But more importantly...the narrator that happens to sound exactly like the one in Madden 2018.

  • Leon Rajakaruna
    Leon Rajakaruna8 måneder siden

    this gives me fucking goosebumps man

  • Mini Ram
    Mini Ram8 måneder siden

    This is just music to my ears I just can’t get rid of it

  • Sebastian Deverill
    Sebastian Deverill8 måneder siden

    1:41 ksi meets lil pump

  • wayne 1797
    wayne 17978 måneder siden


  • wayne 1797

    wayne 1797

    8 måneder siden


  • Maca
    Maca8 måneder siden

    This is like the KSI version of Everybodys everything

  • Daniel Maldonado
    Daniel Maldonado8 måneder siden


  • Galal Osman
    Galal Osman8 måneder siden


  • The Cleetus Cult
    The Cleetus Cult8 måneder siden

    WHY CANT JJ KEEP HIS HAIR LIKE HE DID FOR THE FIGHT? ALSO WHY IS HE AFRAID OF EXPRESSING HIS FEELINGS. We are his fandom we will support him through anything.