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Cursed Baldski

Cursed Baldski

It’s Here

It’s Here


    B2 BE THE BEST21 time siden


  • Snoppy
    Snoppy21 time siden

    Lyrics: [Randolph] Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh There was the power can we who world suwon apartment 3 Photo 0 Super easy to think a to b Tori we were two [music] two other, what is the gloomy what is the pair. [KSI] Hammer language home Well, 4th place Soonho, how the surprised when you're upset Moisture item wrote Anne Huh turned on too Kyung Senior Secretary once more Cathedral we we we like we we [Music] It keeps getting hard again, but the star laughter fund wwe By the way, you've grown up with Freesong, you're probably when to catch 3 were here [music] I have to pick up hip-hop after hitting a surface rt ride. Fortunately, k-water met me. Give me a sunny day. Volta gift Beckman I'm going to write Tal Fair, what did I do with my home and 4th place synop? The method used to put out is also used for the web. Children can't put it out and eat. The Munich's middle wholesale and retailer Comsnan waist Woo woo Food deliberation saying that it's too easy to wear a Hummel racoon on his back [music] Turn on subtitles in English.

  • Nice person
    Nice person21 time siden

    2:44 me when I pass my maths test

  • Pepe julian Onziema
    Pepe julian Onziema21 time siden

    he has to do this at reading and leeds festival

  • Yusha Gaming
    Yusha Gaming21 time siden

    Sick song

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    When you take off the bandana, you could recreated the “BALD! BALD! MY EYES!!” Spongebob scene.

  • Alen Prlja Wendesgymnasiet BA1C
    Alen Prlja Wendesgymnasiet BA1C22 timer siden

    JJ: Defending himself against all the accuses Deji: I feel betrayed

  • Dylan Meloni
    Dylan Meloni22 timer siden


  • Mohamad
    Mohamad22 timer siden

    you are creasy

  • Lozinho
    Lozinho22 timer siden

    Who's watching in March 2021

  • Loltrooper 99
    Loltrooper 9922 timer siden

    He is definitely better rap wise but be is now a meme

  • z800_HN
    z800_HN22 timer siden

    Abedebelegeble Show Ur flex

  • Emelia Sim
    Emelia Sim22 timer siden

    1:45,can't believe that Vick did it on first try,no way

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    The BBQ was amazing.

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    When you were at the bowling alley, someone accidentally threw your head instead of the bowling ball.

  • Kai
    Kai22 timer siden

    back here and it still fucking slaps

  • MrOzzi
    MrOzzi22 timer siden


  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    KSI’s forehead: *exists* Everyone: peace was never an option.

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    He asked us to burn him, but he was already burned since birth. But he turned out to be an overcooked crispy potato.

  • CrustyLoaf
    CrustyLoaf22 timer siden

    Pissed me off that joe stole JJ’s matching head guard

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    When the sun shined on your forehead, it reflected the light, and set the the entire earth on fire.

  • Yap young
    Yap young22 timer siden

    lil baby part is the best

  • Big Bomboclaat
    Big Bomboclaat22 timer siden

    Lord ksi

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel22 timer siden

    Hey dude, use the timewarp filter to fix yo forehead so it doesn’t look like it got stretched out like an armstrong toy.

  • Red panda
    Red panda22 timer siden

    I wonder how JJ's hair would look like without baldski.

  • Aryajrena Dre Salaka
    Aryajrena Dre Salaka22 timer siden

    U disscard ronaldo or bruno?

  • Arza
    Arza22 timer siden

    The ONLY thing I agree with Deji is the Adam’s Apple music video. Watch “Just stops” sky does Minecraft video (not the livestream) Even then, KSI didn’t know all the drama

  • Sa5quatches
    Sa5quatches22 timer siden

    Nah he lost against quadeca this diss track wasn’t good😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • CrustyLoaf
    CrustyLoaf22 timer siden

    No one gonna talk about Big Zuu and his sick verse?

  • Ahmed Azazy
    Ahmed Azazy22 timer siden


  • nxmarkinq
    nxmarkinq22 timer siden

    claim your "Why am I watching this now" button

  • Fe4RLess and Juice WRLD No.1
    Fe4RLess and Juice WRLD No.122 timer siden

    Ksi: I can beat you at any sport Proceeds to get training for basketball

  • xdil
    xdil22 timer siden


  • Finlay Heath
    Finlay Heath22 timer siden

    How many people noticed how many hats jj has got on top of his wardrobe 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ishan Gupta
    Ishan Gupta23 timer siden

    jj's old videos are better than tiktok....

  • Tran ter
    Tran ter23 timer siden

    Damn 😂

  • Ryan_C
    Ryan_C23 timer siden

    KSI's best song. No cap.

  • Brandrn Ingleson
    Brandrn Ingleson23 timer siden

    Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • No
    No23 timer siden

    This was a very weird time

  • r0mit
    r0mit23 timer siden

    if you are here in 2021 i got respect for u legend

  • r0mit
    r0mit23 timer siden

    if you are in 2021 i respect u legend

  • mama mami 1234 yeet
    mama mami 1234 yeet23 timer siden

    Now this is a Recommendation i will Appreciate

  • mcboy 124
    mcboy 12423 timer siden

    I don't know why deji doesn't like JJ being neutral as in like if deji is in a bad situation with Randolph and JJ is in the middle of it thats what I'm talking about

  • Macka Barry
    Macka Barry23 timer siden

    This song is awesome xd

  • romeo boy
    romeo boy23 timer siden

    Dose ksi reply to he’s fans 🤔

  • Rory Fraser
    Rory Fraser23 timer siden

    Can’t wait for him to play this at longitude

  • CrustyLoaf
    CrustyLoaf23 timer siden

    Such a banger. As JJ would say “BIG TUNE, BIG TUNE ALERT!!”

  • roena llego
    roena llego23 timer siden


  • Cole Weglian
    Cole Weglian23 timer siden

    Don’t we miss when jj when get hyper if we asked him to

    AARON CALEB ALBERT Moe23 timer siden

    This is on the radio

  • Arian A
    Arian A23 timer siden

    Thats so jokess😂😂

  • Mustafa Habiebie
    Mustafa Habiebie23 timer siden


  • Salahskills TPS
    Salahskills TPS23 timer siden


  • Charles Rickells
    Charles Rickells23 timer siden

    anyone else wanna see true Jordie vs logan paul

  • Half Loaf
    Half Loaf23 timer siden

    Not last

    SCYTHE CODM23 timer siden

    This is golden, literally

  • Half Loaf
    Half Loaf23 timer siden


  • amy grace
    amy grace23 timer siden


    PROKILLER306023 timer siden


  • Jamie_p.0 7
    Jamie_p.0 723 timer siden


  • yo mums vlogs
    yo mums vlogs23 timer siden


  • Dan Haines
    Dan Haines23 timer siden

    bold ski

  • Jackie moon
    Jackie moon23 timer siden

    Bro this is such a banger of a vid

  • Rocky Hacker
    Rocky Hacker23 timer siden

    stop with the las t just say this epic lyrics in a school rap fight

  • Ramazani Nassor
    Ramazani Nassor23 timer siden

    Yh they fucked after that's why the video ended too quick

  • Dan Haines
    Dan Haines23 timer siden

    the fact that he said everyone wheres a fat suit when already has one on

  • Aryan Patel
    Aryan Patel23 timer siden

    remember this guy beat logan paul.

  • Avekson
    Avekson23 timer siden


  • Kava Is Making
    Kava Is MakingDag siden

    Old old old

  • Harry RJ
    Harry RJDag siden

    Well done jj great song

  • Duncan Harris
    Duncan HarrisDag siden

    This is a sick song 🚫🧢 but The bearus animated video is better🥵🥵

  • TLGNamia
    TLGNamiaDag siden

    i remember when this video first came out i got smacked for deji doing that and saying dont make it gay

  • RNG -_- Allo
    RNG -_- AlloDag siden

    If it ain’t jimmy neutron

  • markusoma
    markusomaDag siden

    Only 16mil views?? COME ON!!

  • skultless
    skultlessDag siden

    8:47 yo this mom is savage 😂💔

  • Wafa The bad boy
    Wafa The bad boyDag siden

    How watching this in 2021❓

  • Motlatsi Shale
    Motlatsi ShaleDag siden

    EVEN O.75

  • Muhammad Baker
    Muhammad BakerDag siden


  • 9A Ranvir Singh 31
    9A Ranvir Singh 31Dag siden


  • حمزة مصطفى حامد
    حمزة مصطفى حامدDag siden


  • Dilahn GRONICH
    Dilahn GRONICHDag siden